Winter Sky Again

The squamous process of lovemaking had passed adequately, and we were both lying naked on a big, triangular bed just watching a glass ceiling filled with stars and snow.

“A wonderful time of the year,” I said in complete indifference. My partner, who was also a man for some reason, agreed.

“Yes, it always is, but this time, it feels kind of lonely,” he said and I had to agree because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to kiss him very beautifully in a couple of seconds.

But the more I thought about it, the lonelier it definitely felt. Usually, our friends came and joined the party and the dinner, but this year everything had so collapsed by climate apocalypse, war, famine, disease, and ravaged, manslaughter, that there was not much hope that anything else would come to pass to make us feel companionship.

However, before I could contemplate any more depressing thoughts, a knock on the window surprised us. There stood our good friend, Goerge, naked and ready to rumble.

“I battled hundreds of deep meters of snow and guns to get here to with you my friends!” he said and we were so surprised so we hugged, and then asked him to join our dinner, which was just beginning on the bed. We ate a bunch of pasta and marshmallows and also a tofu turkey and some rice and some tacos with soy meat.

“A time spent with friends, is a time well spent!” said Goerge and we toasted to that with our drinks. There was much rejoicing after that, of many different varieties, but just as we were about to salute each other goodnight, another knock came from the ceiling, and there was crawling our friend, Regina, also naked and waiting for the sweet comfort of friendship.

“Am I not too late to obtain the sweetness of the holiday season?” she asked and of course we nodded because we knew she meant the homemade sweets that my partner had made. We were so happy that two of our friends were with us, that we all cried tears of joy. We all lay on each other’s lap and talked about many different things including, but not limited, to annunciations, discourse, debate, arguments, disagreements, balderdash, and commentaries of the many state of the world.

“Can we come in for we are so cold and lonely?” our four other friends, whose names certainly began with U, D, N, and E, knocked on the floor and we helped them climbed up so that they could join the festivity on our bed.

The gang was back together for one last Christmas and we were so relieved to see each other, so amazed by the luck of our togetherness, and so flabbergasted by the winter around us, that we talked and talked of our feelings, we hugged, and kissed, and cried, and screamed, and said our tearful goodbyes. One of us was surely to die very soon, one was on the verge of a breakdown, one would be gone forever in a life filled with grief, debts, change, and forgetfulness, and our paths would break, over and over, through the years, through the winters, way beyond our understanding. We all knew this and still we talked and laughed as if everything was going to be fine, as if our friendship would last for centuries, and that baring our souls, sharing our love, was somehow the key to salvation.

But for a night we could pretend, and sleep next to each other, holding hands, and sharing warmth. The winter continued on outside and when I was the only one awake by the end of the night, I looked longingly at the night sky still filled with stars. And I was afraid, I could not help it.


I like to write for some reason so I’m doing it here. I’ll try write something every day, and hopefully, get better at it.

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Eric S. V. B.

I like to write for some reason so I’m doing it here. I’ll try write something every day, and hopefully, get better at it.