Vague Impressions of Seas and Skies

Once upon a time, there existed two places with one heart each. One of them was the sky, vast and endless hugging the land, protecting the Earth from its enemies and dangers. The other was the sea. It made what the sky protected beautiful and vibrant with life. It danced every day and every night because it was so happy to be alive and be a giver of life.

Their hearts beat against the sound of the other. The sky beat first and the sky followed. That they could hear each other so close, resounding strong, and to be able to kiss each other in every horizon they held, and tell the secrets of the depth and the infinity, was a blessing, a moment of marvel, a union of bleeding hearts disappearing, hissing.

But it was to kiss forever that brought problems to the sky, for it could feel tired of protecting without being able to live and it brought problems to the sea, who could feel tired of harboring life without watching the wonders of the starless space. But the hearts were planted firmly into place. The world itself, in a turmoil of its own, lost in strange places, was of no use and in no temper, to accept or survive a change. The sea was to be sea and the sky was to be sky and the dreams that each held were not like their hearts set in stone, but that it needed to exist, in such a way, with such trauma.

What they would have given to exchange places! So that the sea could wonder at the sight of the moon while the sky could reach within itself and see the unknown dangers and mysteries of the oblivion. But they could not by forces beyond their control. They lived forever in dreams of being another while kissing the other while their hearts beat against each other and happiness turned into routine and the world was set by its rules. And the sea was the sea and the sky was the sky, and the dreams were the dreams, the dreams within, where they both slept.

They finally thought of a plan, in the meantime of kissing, so that they could get rid of their hearts. If they were to be free, if they were to live impressed, surprised, and beautiful, then one would bite into the heart of the other and rip apart at the same time. In that moment, they would look into each other’s eyes, to lose consciousness together, in a space so deep, a life so warm, a travel so cold, a doubt endlessly. So they did it strangely and the skies and the seas spoke no more and they felt no more. Life, however, that strange phenomenon that the sea had vomited, set out to find their hearts once more and put them back into place which was unknown. All life sailed and swam into the horizon, watching the sky as a guidance, waiting to be seen.

I like to write for some reason so I’m doing it here. I’ll try write something every day, and hopefully, get better at it.