The Seer

In a long too distant future, she came from the past to warn me of an event that was sure to happen that had actually been a result of an action that had happened, which I was sure will have come to this.

Her eyes were very bright and her mouth very onerous, but she could still talk and make me realize things about myself that I did not want to hear, but needed to, even though it was too late.

“Death follows your footsteps,” I said just as she was about to say it. Then she opened her mouth again. “And you must know that there is nothing you can do to change your fate.”

“Stop doing that, you are ruining the mojo of the seer, and I am the seer here, as you know,” she said at the same time as mee and it was in that moment, that she realized how unnecessary it was and she went over to the edge of the cliff where I was walking by for some reason, and looked over the horizon.

There were several hours of very painful silence and I began to feel guilty about making her feel a deep, existential crisis the likes which she had never experienced. I tried approaching her from behind and give her a few reassuring pats on the back, but unfortunately, I ended up making her almost choke on her own seer saliva and she coughed and coughed and then looked at me furiously.

“What is wrong with you? With your body and with your brain?”

“Uh, nothing, I don’t think, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to upset you,” I said but she sighed and pointed at the sunset that was just occurring so that we could watch it together.

“It is not you, though. I am blessed to tell other people their future and that is all I do. I already everything that is going to happen…”

“And that makes life very boring, you feel empty, as if you are part of a great machination laid out by someone else, that you are not truly alive and not truly willingly moving along, that you have become just a pawn slowly moving towards an already predetermined destination.”


We both stared at the sun as it slowly went down the mountains that surrounded us. It was beautiful in a way to be next to the almost angel of death next to me and be thinking of mortality and death at the top of a mountain where I could easily break my skull in half if I just slipped over.

“But you must know when you die, am I right?” I asked and she nodded.

“Yes, I do, and that makes everything so much worse and it also makes it better. Because every time I go somewhere else, I feel that this is the place where I die, but then, it never is. For I am not given that much information, just a general sense. More like the summary of a novel, rather than reading all through it,” she said and though I wanted to say more, I didn’t want to make her more frustrated by saying stuff she already knew I was going to say. “Thank you for your words.”

“Yes, I was going to say them but…”

“Oh, I understand.”

“Do you really see the stuff that I saw? Or were you just making fun of me?” I asked and she looked at me curiously.

“I must say that you probably will live in a way that personally satisfies and that is all I want to tell you. Whatever that means for you. For some people it is fame or safety or just love, but nobody is ever, truly happy, just momentarily so for many different continuous periods and they just learn to accept it,” she said.

And I knew right then that she was being awfully nice for a reason and just when I realized what she meant by her being here and why she was so vague, the sun set at last, I slipped just like I had joked about, and fell down to break my skull in three like I almost predicted.

“This is why this sucks!” she shouted as I fell to my death.

“I get it!” I said as my last words and then died, with a strange shape on my lips that was like half a smile of relief and half a smile of desperation.