Devotion is, once again, unparalleled and underappreciated. Would you listen to another of my pleas?

As we sleep together, you will listen to my prayers, heal my wounds, tell me of the world we have built, and we deserved?

Listen again, my faithful, I can raise a hand and grace you with my fingers, let you know that you are my beloved. That you deserve happiness received and give, and that you will live forever nurtured, in these warm arms. Believe in me when I tell you this: love yourself, like you love me, and you will never endure again the pain of loss indefinitely.

I have saved myself in this body, can I sleep near you?

Everyone is welcome to stay and everyone who has loved me can embrace. You have seen what I can do and the path it leads to. I only ask of you that you think of me in the same manner I have: a love between brothers, a love between friends, a love between humans, who are never worth no more and no less, brought here to enjoy the riches of the land and the water, respectfully.

You get tired too, like a human, you sleep with us, like a human, you move with your legs and feet, you eat and drink, you piss and shit, and you love nonetheless, and now are asking for shelter.

With you, my brother, I will go anywhere, no matter how far or how annoying.

With you, my brother, I will follow and read your words, and tremble in the very ground you have stepped on.

What a way of speaking, to love so thoroughly, to know about so many future events, to know everything, and still believe in us.

You will tell us of the world to come, of what wonders amaze in the years of our old age, of our children, of our children’s children, of those thousands, millions who will follow and plunder this world?

Follow my word, and see the light, and walk the trail that has been set upon you, and all of your worries will be tranquil, your mind will be at ease, your soul in respite. Do not ask when, but ask how. Do not ask why, just believe in the love I feel for you.

What is your face, is not that of an ordinary man, who has become extraordinary?

Will your body leave behind a bone so beautiful as your deeds? Will you rot in the flesh and decay or will your forever disappear?

How easy it is to imagine you so normal, when we have seen you laugh and breathe, and trip, and look confused and forsaken?

Do not speak of the paradox, of a godly being walking among you, and do not hide, the words I have spoken, the actions I’ve taken, and the rich I have despised and destroyed. You can lay now, for we are all very tired, and ready to continue.

Continue to where and with what purpose?

The purpose will be to spread the word and believe in it.

And until when?

Until our mortal bodies give up, and our gravely words are inscribed, and learned through centuries in the most precise manner, in the most utmost detail, with the most inane descriptions.

I will love you, no matter where you go, and what you decide to do.

What is done to me, you will mean, and what will be done, and what must be done. It will matter, for I am human, though not first and foremost.

I like to write for some reason so I’m doing it here. I’ll try write something every day, and hopefully, get better at it.