The soul trapped in unnerving, metaphysical dissidence slowly stumbled and melted, and was reborn through itself, to reappear again and again. It had been watched and then not watched. Anda s the sun went up and the moon went down, the soul looked at the monster who had splintered its brain, and killed it and saved it twice, once with sweetness, and again with swiftness.

“How are you? / Are you done?”

“I’m fine. / What are you going to do with me?”

“Let me help you. Let me take you where there won’t be any more pain. I tried, believe me. But this is the best I could do / It is all done. There is no way to change it.”

Despite its best efforts, the soul felt itself being pulled and pushed into two different directions. One eye, battered and sprinkled with fire, the other open without being allowed to blink, taking every bit of painful light into itself. The monster held its hand dragged it along a very narrow road. It both looked empty but also decorated extremely, so momentous, majestic, and angelic, both real and unreal, a life to a world, better, worse.

“This is where you will stay and flourish. / This is where you will stay and suffer.”

“I must go with you, I presume? / You will suffer with me, then? Because of what you’ve done?”


There was a moment in which everything stood still and then another moment in which nothing stood still, and through a raging flurry of a life lived over and over again, and a death reoccurring into infinity. The soul cried out in sorrow and happiness, and then it was over. They had both crossed the tunnel and were in an unworld where a single file, a single life had been lost.

“What will you do now that you have nothing to exist for? / Have you understood the pointlessness of your suffering? It is both encompassing but also dreadful.”

“I will stay until I feel something that can carry me over. / I understand it very well, and I cannot even let it be known that I am here? This is the point.”

“You can stay with me, but whether you will feel something, for me, for anything that you will ever see, I don’t know. This emptiness will be built and rebuilt to whatever you want and like, at your whim. And I’m the only constant / Yes, because only you can be here with me and with me you will stay, and everything around you will be focused on you, will be done for and by you, and will only fall by your hand. A world that you’ll detest, that you will try to make and fix over and over again.”

The soul did not want to begin building but there was very little point in delaying eternity for when millions, billions, trillions of seconds had passed, the situation had changed nothing and so it began with its monster carefully watching over. It all started with a seed, it all started with a stream, and the seed immediately sprouted, and the stream eventually overflowed, and flooded the vastness of everything.

Then they were gone.

“Think of what you want and it will stay, think of what you need and it will stay. / It will not hold until you learn how to control every single thing here. How? I wouldn’t know.”

“I can do it, right? Eventually, I will get it… I can hold on…”

“Yes. / No.”

“And you will stay with me, because you are a part of me too. Because of what you did and for that I have to learn to live with you. Because this may belong more to you than to me, and I am being deceived…”

There was a pause in which the monster only moved from side to side, as the soul watched it from afar, and as it moved from left to right, and from right to left, for the last time in its existence, the soul managed to stitch itself together, just momentarily for a fraction of an infinitesimal thought which was wasted away as it simply did nothing but stare as the monster opened its mouth, then shut it down, and then nodded so pitifully.

I like to write for some reason so I’m doing it here. I’ll try write something every day, and hopefully, get better at it.