The weight of the wish was immeasurable and it crashed, centimeter to centimeter, the diminutive neck of the boy who would be king. A regent to be slowly smiled in the background, clothed in black for its heart, its purpose, and its church, and on the other side, the wife who had been chosen for the boy, who was neither alive nor brainful, but had at least a body and several limbs to offer.

In this instance, the most natural thing to do is to do what you want, your majesty, the future regent said and he laughed and laughed so much that his mouth opened wide and huge and was enough to swallow him whole and have the highness marinate in his acidic stomach for centuries.

I wanted to be a king to do everything I wanted, to go everywhere, have everything, not worry about anything, the boy cried but in the distance a war had broken out between his cruel and dastardly knights and the local populace who had been exploited and broken beyond humane treatments.

The teenager tried to run away from the throne from where he sat but he fell as the weight on his head became unbearable, and the pain that it caused, in both his muscles and in his heart, was all consuming. The room was so elegant and big that it seemed eternal, and the windows were so wide that they seemed to show now just a landscape view of a forest and a mountain, but a world vast and outnumbering him totally. Millions and millions of people outside were fighting and killing and struggling, and there he was, with an elongated neck, with bulging eyes, with an arrow across his stomach, and a crown so heavy, so heavy.

Then, I shall be king, the future regent said and held out his hand as the body of the wife dissipated into ether. The youth nodded but hard as he tried he could not remove the crown, which was becoming heavier and heavier. The man laughed and laughed and laughed so much that his voice echoed across the room and began to shake the palace with its waves, he was to be dead, buried under the imperial domain, while the boy clung to his robes and begged to be released.

Let me be free, of this wish, of this burden, I can’t lead, I can’t rule, I only did what I did because I was born to be, raised to be, he said in desperation, but the man was gone, and the screams of horror and war were drawing closer and closer to the castle.

There was little time to regret ever believing in himself, of ever trusting the magic of his kingdom, and the world in which he been created, for, at last, the crown knocked him unconscious with its force and he split into two, from the bone up, and was left but an ugly prince with a kingdom in flames, and a laughter and happiness across the lands that couldn’t stop ringing.

I like to write for some reason so I’m doing it here. I’ll try write something every day, and hopefully, get better at it.